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Selected Print & On-line Interviews

"What do you do when you find your company, or your boss, acting unethically?" by Eve Tahmincioglu
Interview. May 17, 2010. (Time Magazine Online)

"Goldman Tries to Put a Halo on Bonuses" by Stephen Gandel
Lead Interview. January 13, 2010.

Investors Business Daily

"Character Holds the Key" by Steve Watkins
Featured Interview. November 25, 2009.

Public Affairs Perspective (Journal of the Public Affairs Council)

"Imagine the Unimaginable" by Dana Wilkie.
Featured Interview.

Chief Executive Magazine

"How Global Is Your Board?"
Interview. December 2009.

IMPACT – the magazine of the Public Affairs Council

"Reputation Risks, Deep Down, Are Questions of Character" by Alan Crawford.
Full-Page Q&A Interview. March 2010.

Communication Director Magazine

"Story Teller: Reputational Risks and Rewards" by Dafydd Phillips
Featured Interview, March 2010.


"Peter Firestein on Trust, Character and Reputation."
Interviewed by Charles H. Green. May 17, 2010.

IR Alert

"Corporate Glass Houses in the Age of Skepticism." By Brian Pittman.
Interview. June 17, 2010