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"Market Intelligence that tells you what your investors think – and why they think it."

The Open Perception Study™:

  1. Helps turn your skeptics in the market into supporters. 

  2. Uncovers the thought processes investors use to determine fair value and make decisions to buy and sell your shares.

  3. Reveals the  parts of your investment story investors will pay for – and those they won't.

  4. Shows how strategy, execution, perceptions of management, and investor communications combine to determine your valuation.

  5. Pinpoints your level of credibility in the market, how it got that way, and the specific measures you can take to change it.

  6. Gets answers to questions you didn't know to ask – giving early warning of issues that will arise among investors over the next year. 

  7. Shows how investors / analysts rank you as an investment among your competitors – against both individual companies and the sector as a whole, and why.

  8. Predicts  investor response to contemplated M&A deals. (Airtight confidentiality on names under consideration is guaranteed since we don't even have to know what they are.)

  9. Delivers  critical intelligence on investor attitudes in preparation for an  Analyst Day or Investor Conference. Follow-up assessment after the event shows how perceptions have changed – or haven't.

  10. Reveals market  opinion of your disclosure and how your transparency level influences perceptions of management. 

  11. Seriously raises the contribution the Investor Relations Director can make to management's internal conversations on strategy and communications.

  12. Tells you what the market thinks of your IR operation, how you rank against other IR groups in the industry, and why. 

  13. Applies the Study's findings to carefully-individualized suggestions on investor communications that will improve your prospects of higher valuation.

Global Strategic Communications, Inc.

Supporting Corporate Managements through:

●    Usable intelligence on investor attitudes.

●    Strategies for building strong reputations.

    Crisis preparation and recovery.

    Counsel on sound governance practice.

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