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Reputation / Crisis Management

The time to prepare for a crisis is five years before it happens: How a responsible management saves the company every day. 

Reputation / Crisis Management


Scrutiny of corporate behavior has reached unprecedented levels, and reputation is increasingly the currency by which corporations succeed and fail. While

companies generally survive reputational crises, management groups often do not. So, any management team must develop a clear strategy for crisis avoidance.

Global Strategic Communications, Inc., helps each client engage both with the capital markets and with its broader social environment to understand where the risks lie. 

The Open Perception Study™


The Open Perception Study™ dramatically expands the knowable universe for managements who want to understand what their investors think – and why they think it.

It creates a path for converting market skeptics to supporters while while raising the IR voice as a prominent contributor to internal management conversations on strategy. Read more. . .

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The Socratic Dialogue on Risk


Risk is one of the most difficult subjects for a management and board to discuss, yet it is arguably the most essential. Unforeseen threats to reputation and business

franchise can overrun even the most dynamic business plan...

The Governance Imperative


The convergence of the corporate sector and civil society is one of the great forces of our time. Globalized corporations exercise unprecedented power. Yet, their responsiveness

to civil society over the environment, human rights, and...

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Global Strategic Communications, Inc... a New York consultancy that supports corporate clients with highly customized, long-term strategies to manage reputation risk. We believe this enterprise must start with well-developed market intelligence on stakeholder attitudes toward the client company. We develop this intelligence through a proprietary resource called The Open Perception Study™.

Our clients are generally companies who believe that maximizing success in capital markets is crucial to their sustainability. They include industrial, financial, and technology groups, as well as investment firms who must attract capital, and a wide variety of companies who recognize the value of sharpening their engagement with investors.

We operate in those sectors of investor relations, public affairs, financial marketing, and investment banking where an understanding of constituents’ attitudes impacts a company’s decisions on strategy and message.

Global Strategic Communications, Inc.

Supporting Corporate Managements through:

●    Usable intelligence on investor attitudes.

●    Strategies for building strong reputations.

    Crisis preparation and recovery.

    Counsel on sound governance practice.

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