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Risk, Trust and Reputation

Reputation Risk Management

We believe that what the world thinks matters. We help our clients develop market intelligence, and we design and implement mechanisms that make it usable by senior decision-makers. We are constantly benchmarking best practices among companies that are most successful at reputation risk management and delivering this knowledge to our clients' benefit.

At a time when reputations of some best-known companies have been sinking, reputation, itself, has emerged as a prime driver of corporate value. Today, billions of dollars in purchasing decisions are made on opinions of companies’ financial and social conduct. And more billions flow into and out of companies based on investor perceptions of their ability to grow their businesses. These two kinds of perception are deeply related.

There are few more powerful assets that senior managers can bring to their decision-making process than the knowledge of how investors make decisions to buy and sell the company's securities. Global Strategic Communications, Inc., provides a comprehensive set of
strategies and tools that bring management an understanding of the perceptions that govern their fate, and the structures and procedures to do something about them.

How We Do Our Work

  • Highly-detailed findings of the Study.

  • Suggestions on corporate strategy.

  • Suggestions on communication strategy.

  • Suggestions on internal structures that. . .

  • Instills a company-wide understanding of the approach to reputation management.

  • Assures that current and  future market intelligence will be available to senior decision-makers.


Reputation Risk Management Seminars

We begin with a relationship. Our clients are generally willing to spend some time with us discussing the reasons their investors behave as they do. They talk about what they've heard and about their hunches. From these conversations we partner with the client to design a list
of questions to be asked of portfolio managers and analysts as the foundation of an 
Open Perception StudyT, or, if the client prefers, a Reputation Assessment. If it seems worthwhile, we expand the participants group to include a broader constituency that might comprise other investment professionals, vendors, customers, and relevant NGO's. Although senior management talks to their investors and analysts every day, they are often surprised by what we bring them from our third-party conversations.


One of the Open Perception Study's most important features is that our discussions with market participants go far beyond the questionnaire. In fact, the questionnaire's primary function is to serve as a launch pad for a much broader discussion that includes
answers to all its questions, but also reveals questions the client did not know to ask. This is one of the ways reputation risk is revealed.

Our clients generally engage us to help in the implementation of new structures and to remain available for periodic review. 

Reputation is everybody’s job, and education is particularly challenging in large, complex organizations. The hard work and good intentions of senior management can easily go to waste if the staff is not on board. Our seminars deliver the WHY of risk management to staff at all levels. We make these sessions fun and engrossing, particularly by associating basic principles of reputation risk management to the headlines of the moment.

Global Strategic Communications, Inc.

Supporting Corporate Managements through:

●    Usable intelligence on investor attitudes.

●    Strategies for building strong reputations.

    Crisis preparation and recovery.

    Counsel on sound governance practice.

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