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Global Strategic Communications, Inc.


In 2001, Peter Firestein left ThomsonReuters and originated the Open Perception Study™, a proprietary technique that offers client companies an unprecedented level of intelligence on the thought processes by which investors value their shares. Companies use this intelligence to shape strategy and communications. The Open Perception Study has brought a transformative understanding of how investors and analysts think to companies in industries that include energy, technology, telecommunications, banking, media & marketing, heavy manufacturing, and others.

Over the last decade, the company’s offering has broadened to
cover the philosophy and mechanics of corporate reputation, preparation for and management of a crisis, the ways a company can develop its culture to reduce risk, and the principles of responsible corporate governance.

Peter counsels companies and their boards on the management
of CEO succession, on ways to speak (and not to speak) to Wall Street, on how disclosure practices drive perceptions of executive credibility, and on many other matters of significant concern to managements and boards.

In 2009, Sterling Publishing brought out Peter’s book, “CRISIS
OF CHARACTER – Building Corporate Reputation in the Age of Skepticism.”
 In the book, Peter gathered these themes and many others into a holistic description of how any company can prime  itself to survive in an age dominated by the Internet, intense scrutiny of business, and broad social resistance to the corporate sector.

Global Strategic Communications, Inc.

Supporting Corporate Managements through:

●    Usable intelligence on investor attitudes.

●    Strategies for building strong reputations.

    Crisis preparation and recovery.

    Counsel on sound governance practice.

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