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The Open Perception Study™

The Open Perception Study™ is a tradition-breaking technique for uncovering market attitudes toward a client company. Our highly original approach to interviewing market participants reveals the fundamental thinking that drives investment decisions. The Open Perception Study is a predictive resource that serves as an essential risk management tool.

The Open Perception Study™ can create a body of market intelligence for any company, enabling its management to shape strategy and design a message targeted at specific constituencies. These may include shareholders – both current and potential – analysts, employees, communities, regulatory bodies, governments, and special interest groups such as those that focus on environmental and human rights issues. The Study can cover a broad range of issues, or it can concentrate on a few current concerns. Studies can be designed to deliver results on a highly-expedited basis, or they can be extended inquiries that offer a company a comprehensive view of its thematic environment.

Most important, the Open Perception Study gives first warning of issues that are about to arise in the market. Although we refer to a questionnaire during the study, its purpose is to serve as a point of departure for a broad exploration of issues, many of which turn out to be well beyond the boundaries of the original questionnaire. This unencumbered approach to perception work can yield extraordinary results in uncovering opinions that management may not have anticipated. In this way, the Open Perception Study helps the company see issues that are just over the horizon. It is a significant risk management tool.

This "open" approach to perception work involves many subtle components - including tactics for getting answers to questions you can’t ask, such as those involving potential transactions. The following three links connect to documents that elaborate on the many dimensions of The Open Perception Study.

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Supporting Corporate Managements through:

●    Usable intelligence on investor attitudes.

●    Strategies for building strong reputations.

    Crisis preparation and recovery.

    Counsel on sound governance practice.

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